Mass Customizers Unite!

We like to think of ourselves at Coco Myles as innovators when it comes to providing the broadest range of dress customization available and through our travels we’ve discovered some other companies that share our passion concerning mass customization. While we all serve different markets and produce different products, our philosophy when it comes to mass customization, and the benefits it offers, is consistent. That being the case, a number of us have decided to promote the concept of mass customization by offering a cross-company promotional code. The code is: ShopCustom

The use of this promotional code will entitle a buyer to 10% off at any of the participating companies which, at present include:

chocri: Design your own customized chocolate bars.
Element Bars: Design your own nutrition bars.
YouBars: Design your own energy bars.
eCreamery: Design your own ice cream.

Blank Label: Design your own men’s dress shirt.
indiDenim: Design your own jeans.
FashionPlaytes: Design your own clothes for teens.

Gemvera: Design your own jewelry.
Snaptotes: Design your own photo handbag.
Create A Mattress: Design your own custom mattress.
Caseable: Design your own laptop sleeve.

Press Release — Coco Myles Brides’ Choice Award 2011 Winner

Coco Myles Named Brides’ Choice Award Winner for 2011

Social Media Release on PR Leap

Coco Myles Wins Brides’ Choice Award for 2011!

Very excited tto find out we have once again won a Bride’s Choice Award from WeddingWire! This means we are in the top 5 percent of wedding pros nationwide. Third year in a row for us!

Feel Like Gambling on the Dress Color for Kate Middleton’s Bridesmaids’ Dresses?

As per this story in today’s New York Daily News, the odds are 3-2 that Kate Middleton’s bridesmaids dresses will be blue.  Wonder if Kate’s allowed to place any bets?

Customized Bridesmaids Dresses Meet Customized Chocolate!


If you’re a bride and looking for a great way to thank your bridesmaids for being there for you on the big day then we recommend you take a look at this great site:

If you’re a fan of Coco Myles and enjoy the fact that we allow you and your bridesmaids to customize your dresses then you should really love Chocri (the company behind and its online options for designing a delicious, personalized chocolate bar!

The options are great!  You start with the type of chocolate you like best and get to choose from white, milk, dark, and a milk/white combination.  Then the fun — and the tough decisions — really begins!  You can choose from 21 fruit options, 18 spices, 20 nuts, 19 confections (e.g., peanut butter drops) and a large number of decorative elements.  You can even add grains to the chocolate — anything from ground coffee beans to bacon bits (yup, bacon bits!).

The price of the finished product is incredibly reasonable as well — around $10.00 for a 3.5 ounce, totally customized, and personalized bar of chocolate.  You even get to name your chocolate bar once you’ve created it.  We really think this offers such a cool and creative way to thank your bridesmaids — or the whole bridal party, for that matter. Gift certificates are available and for a limited time Chocri is offering our customers an additional 10% off if you use the code “cocomyles” at checkout!

Happy eating! And if anyone should happen to add bacon bits to their chocolate bar, please save us a bite!  We’re curious! :)

TheWeddingLane – Great Coco Myles Post (By a Former Customer)!

Love this blog post from a former customer. Eileen and her bridesmaids are actually featured on our site. They’re the group from Hawaii with those amazing parasols. It was great to find out that three years after using us for her bridesmaids dresses, that Eilenn was writing a great blog post about ability to make great celebrity inspired gowns.

Yikes! Stolen Bridesmaids Dresses.

Feel bad for this bride-to-be who had her bridesmaid dresses stolen. At least the wedding isn’t until May 2011.

Hail The Queens!

Although our Custom Couture dresses are more popular for bridal parties, every so often a bride will choose one of our Celebrity Inspired dresses for their party. We think Marie made an excellent choice with these Hail the Queen dresses in Chocolate Georgette for her bridesmaids.

Bridal Party Marathon

Want to get the bridal party to bond before the wedding? How about getting them to run a marathon together as a relay team? Cute story.

Coco Myles’ Facebook Make-A-Friend-A-Fan Contest

Ladies, here’s your chance to win a free Coco Myles gown of your choice! Refer your Facebook friends to the Coco Myles fan page and you may be the next winner!

Here’s how:

Simply go to Coco Myles’ Facebook fan page and hit the Share button below the relevant post to share the link with your Facebook friends. You can add your own text to ask them for your support by becoming Coco Myles’ fans at your recommendation. Once they join the fan page, they’ll need to click here: Make-A-Friend-A-Fan Entry to provide your name as the fan who made the referral. The fan who refers the most number of friends by 5 pm (EST) Friday wins. Good luck!!